but on a more positive note

My nephew was brought into the casualty yesterday, here at the same hospital as my princess.  A whole 7 days old, gummy eye, high temps and wheezing.  After 1 night, some decent medical care and medication, the little guy was discharged this afternoon.  What an absolute relief.  When I received the authorisation from the medical aid for him, it said minimum stay 6 days – that’s scary for a newborn!  It was absolutely awful hearing his little cry (ok big cry) when the nurses were taking blood and putting up his drip.  But, it was done for his own good, and he’s left here probably healthier than the day he was born!  Yes, that’s probably a mild exaggeration;  I’m sleep deprived 😉

My 7 day old nephew Jayden
My 7 day old nephew Jayden

With the bad, comes the good.

And this was very, very good 🙂



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