my real life minnie mouse!

It was literacy day today at my daughter’s crèche. The instruction was to dress our children up as either a book character, or a letterland character..

My real life Minnie Mouse :)
My real life Minnie Mouse 🙂
Well I had no clue as to who the letterland characters were, and I’m hopeless at costumes, so thank goodness my hubby had bought our daughter a full Minnie Mouse costume about a year ago 🙂 Minnie Mouse appears in books, and hey, she even has her own TV show! So I sent my princess off this morning, looking as cute as ever dressed in pink and white polka dots, complete with mouse ears.

She was so excited to go to crèche today (she loves her crèche, so it was nothing new) but she just couldn’t wait to see everyone to show them her Minnie Mouse outfit. And boy, was the crèche full of Bob the Builders, princesses, elephants etc.

It’s amazing where a book can take you and your imagination 🙂



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