Just too tired to give a shit.

I seriously am at a crossroads regarding my sleeping patterns, or rather lack thereof. Which is more uncomfortable; my bed or my couch? My couch has pieces of wood that seem to find my elbows and tummy just as I’m getting comfortable, as well as being just wide enough for me to fall off onto the floor every time that I roll over, and then there’s my bed. My bed currently sleeps 4, sometimes 5. Husband, daughter, 2 dogs (sometimes 1) and then me. We also have the bigger dog in our room, so that’s 3 dogs, and then 3 bunnies. Did I mention that I only have a double bed? Well I only have a double bed. I have a husband that hogs the duvet, and a daughter that kicks it off. I love the duvet, but as our daughter is in-between us, I very rarely get any. Yes, pun intended 😉 Our daughter falls asleep in our bed every night, and then one of us, generally me then moves her into her bed. It was never an issue before, but in the last 4 months or so, she has woken up as I’ve lifted her up, and then flatly refused to go to her bed. As I am exhausted (I go to bed between 22h00-23h30 most nights) I just crawl into my bed with her. I am a light sleeper. The big dog snores. Loudly. My husband snores. Even more loudly. My daughter snores. Not so loudly. The rabbits are constantly active and eating, and destroying anything and everything in their paths.

How I'm feeling these days...
How I’m feeling these days…

I am so tired of waking up tired. Of waking up like I haven’t slept in days, of looking like I haven’t slept in months, and because of these 2 issues, I am not taking pride in my appearance or in my house. I am exhaustipated. Just too tired to give a shit. Headaches are also a common occurrence in my life now, well more common than normal I assume. And yes, I’m moaning and whining about something so silly as sleep. And yes, this post is pretty awful as well, but I really wanted to post, and my brain is just too tired to write this any better!


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