2hr flight + baby = uncool but not

In February 2010, when my daughter was just 3 and a bit months old, I decided to use the free tickets that my Gog’s had given me, and fly down to Port Elizabeth (we live in Durban) to meet the hubby’s family. Hubby was driving down, and we were flying. “It would be so much easier” he said. Yes, time wise it was ‘easier’, but as we were flying in one of those smaller airplanes, there were absolutely no baby facilities AT ALL.

I was luckily only flying with my daughter’s nappy bag and a carry on for myself, as hubby was bringing the pram and most of our daughter’s wardrobe in the car with him. So luggage wise, it too was ‘easier’. I was dreading the take off and landings, as I’ve heard that they can be brutal on a baby’s ears, but luckily my daughter wasn’t too affected. It may have helped that I ensured she was drinking her bottle during the take off and landing, just to help her ears equalise. I on the other hand suffered horribly… Really universe, really?!

About 30min into the flight, my daughter threw up. And I don’t just mean a little, I mean all over herself. Inside her baby-grow, inside her nappy (wtf) – it was even in her hair. The cherry on top was the little bits sticking out her nose. She decided to hit me with a double whammy, as literally 30 seconds after that disaster, her rear end decided to get in on the action too. So I bravely made my way through the small plane to the bathroom / toilet at the back of the plane, and I almost burst into tears. I could barely fit in the miniscule room; I had no idea how I was supposed to clean my daughter up, and change her nappy, all whilst experiencing mild turbulence and trying to keep my now very existent claustrophobia at bay. At 3 and a bit months old, my daughter could hold her head up very well, but that was about it. I somehow managed to balance her on the toilet seat (excellent parenting, I know) and get her nappy changed. Once that debacle was done, I managed to clean her up and get her changed. What would have normally taken me 10 minutes (max) at home to do, took me about 20-25mins to do. It was really a terrible experience. HOWEVER, the airline staff were so accommodating, and friendly, and they asked me to remain behind until last so that they could assist me off of the plane as they could see that I was quite flustered.

Flying with my daughter was definitely an experience, not one I’d want to repeat in a hurry, but one that I would, if I make any sense at all?! I sadly have no photos of this flying experience, as handling a pooping & vomiting baby, as well as my own fears was work enough! So Travelstart, I hope that you consider my little travel experience for your contest – http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/blogger-experience-contest – and even if I don’t win, I hope that you get a good giggle out of it 🙂



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