sickity sickey sick

I am not one to get sick often. And when I do get sick, I let me body fight it off, very rarely going to the doctor. I’m at the doctor for myself maybe twice a year; my daughter is a totally different story…

My daughter was ill last week with Adenovirus; she had it in her eyes so it looked like pink eye / conjunctivitis, but our GP diagnosed her with this instead. In fact, this isn’t the first time that she’s been diagnosed with it. Anyway, as she and I are practically glued at the hip, and that she sleeps in my arms every night, it was of course, bound to infect me. The problem is, it’s hit my head and chest.

I have had a headache since last week Sunday; yes, 8 days worth of headache. Not. Fun. I have also been coughing up my left, or right lung slowly and painfully over the past 72hrs. I was wanting to get back into my running this weekend; my body was like “keep dreaming sister – not happening this weekend”. I am not a morning person, however when there’s work and school I do what I gotta do. Friday was a public holiday and so I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit. Like 8am, maybe 9am. Nope, I only dragged myself out of bed just before 11am. And the same on Saturday. Yesterday I managed a respectable 9am (thereabouts) but I am utterly exhausted. This virus has knocked me 6 love out the park. (no idea if I got that expression right – don’t really care right now)

And of course the husband is worried about me; total contradiction as when he has the flu or isn’t well, he flatly refuses to go to the doctor, stating that it’s a waste of his time and that he could be working and that his body will fix itself.

So this post is just me basically moaning about my miserable self at the moment. I will keep on keeping on…

If I don’t fall asleep at my desk first!



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