where did the weekend go?

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I have never been so grateful for a quiet, ‘boring’ weekend until now. My weekend unfolded as follows :

1. Wake up at 6am, bath, get both myself and my daughter dressed.
2. Feed the animals (dogs, fish, rabbits & chickens).
3. Take my daughter down to my mom’s house.
4. Get back home, help husband pack the car with a fish tank, fish tank stand, chemicals, salt water etc.
5. Squish into the back seat of the car, drive to Waterfall, almost get lost, but arrived at our destination.
6. Help husband offload the car, only to realise 1.5hrs into the installation, that he has left the fish tank lid at home.
7. Rush home. Fetch fish tank lid. Rush back to Waterfall.
8. Met friend at shopping centre to get our tattoos, only to be let down by the artist who was ‘double booked’.
9. Went for breakfast instead of tattoos.
10. Went back to husband with the fish tank lid.
11. Left Waterfall in a rush as we didn’t realise the time, and had to fetch our daughter from my mom’s by 1pm, as she was going out.
12. Fetched daughter, went home, changed clothes and then went back into Hillcrest for a ‘Ladies Tea’ with the moms from my daughter’s crèche. That was from 2-5pm.
13. Got home at almost 6pm, cleaned up, dressed up and then went down to my friend’s house, as we were going out partying.
14. Got to friend’s house just before 8pm, was fetched at 9pm. Got to the club at about 9:30pm.
15. Left club at 1:30am on Sunday morning. (so technically this should fall under Sunday :p)
16. Crashed into bed at 2:20am Sunday morning.

Coffee - mothers milk I tell you!
Coffee – mothers milk I tell you!

1. Woken by friend at 9am – supposed to be meeting new tattoo artist at 10am. Crap.
2. Hop into shower, go to breakfast. Have a mean headache.
3. Whilst at breakfast, phone tattoo parlour advising them that we were running a little late.
4. Get to tattoo parlour at 10:30am. Have a consult with Kevin, who really impressed us with his knowledge and expertise. Told to come back in 45mins.
5. After walking around for 45mins, friend and I got back to the tattoo parlour at 11:30am. Told to wait 2mins. 1hr later, we’re called in.
6. After 1hr20mins in the chair, friend’s tattoo is done. Absolutely blown away.
7. At 3pm, I get into the chair. Mine is finished at 4:40pm.
8. Leave tattoo parlour just after 5pm, go to the shops to get ‘stuff’ for supper.
9. Finally get home at about 6:15pm, hug my husband and daughter whom I have missed tremendously, and start supper.
10. Eat supper at about 7pm, tuck my daughter into bed, and proceed to pass out on the couch.
11. At about 9pm, I dragged my exhausted ass off of the couch, and headed to bed.
12. Couldn’t sleep properly (what’s new) but not due to the tattoo.
13. Daughter wakes up at 2am freaking out as she has pink eye, and can’t open her eyes. Spent about 10mins in the bathroom trying to clean her eyes. Get back into bed after 2am.
14. Message my mom hoping that she’s still awake (she was) to ask if she could take my daughter to the doctor tomorrow, um today. She says yes. Try and get back to sleep.

So yes, it has been a crazy weekend when compared to my normally lazy, boring weekends! And yes, I still have the meanest headache, and I honestly didn’t even drink (that) much on Saturday night / Sunday morning 😉

This Friday, I am spending the whole day with my daughter, as I hardly saw her this weekend, and as for the weekend? I am going nowhere except from my bed to my shower to my couch!!!



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