how we met, fell in love, broke up, got back together, had a baby & got married

And yes, that was a mouthful 😉

We met in early August 2003;  I was preparing for my trial examinations (I was in matric) and my whole life revolved around school and partying.  I was 17, naïve, wide eyed and a soppy romantic.  You were 22, a little unsure of yourself but had that twinkle in your eye.  We met through my mom oddly enough, as you were visiting a friend that was renting the spare room at her house.  I didn’t see you for a few weeks after we first met, as my head was almost permanently in my books.

We officially started dating on the 30th of August 2003.  Well, according to my mom anyway. 😉

We didn’t have a conventional relationship from the very beginning;  my mom let me go off with you knowing FULL WELL what we were going to get up to, but as she said;  she’d rather know where we were and that we were SAFE (in all manners of the word) than wonder what the hell we were up to and where the hell we were up to it in!!

You told me that you loved me first.  My first reaction;  why?  Yes, I have issues.  That was in October 2003.  My final exams were in full swing, and we didn’t see each other much, except for every 2nd or 3rd weekend when I visited my mom.  I say visited, because I literally popped in and said ‘hi’ and then ran off with you to your place 🙂 (yes, I passed matric with exceptional marks, if I do say so myself ;))  After a mere 3 months of dating, you moved in with me at my mom’s house.  I never have been one to do anything half heartedly 😉

The next few years were up and down;  I slowed down my partying ways, we got dogs, we broke up, we got back together, and then we broke up again.  Our first break up lasted I think 2 months;  our second break up lasted 24hrs!

You paid for my first tattoo 🙂

You had a few car crashes, in company vehicles.  I did it properly by almost writing off your bakkie (pickup).  I still remember that phone call.  I still remember your distressed face, as we didn’t have fully comprehensive insurance on the bakkie.  And I also remember that it all worked out 🙂

Christmas day 2007 you proposed to me.  On the side of Old Main Road, in your bakkie.  No, you never were a ‘romantic’ ;).

Either the 15th or 18th of February 2009, was when our daughter was conceived.  I remember those dates, because those were the only 2 times that we did anything WITHOUT protection.  Really? Really?  Yes, really.  I remember that phone call too;  you thought that I was leaving you as I wanted to go for coffee when you fetched me from work, as that was how I had broken up with you the last time.  I said to you no, that it was kind of the opposite.  That’s when you asked if I was pregnant.  It wasn’t something that I wanted to tell you over the phone, but I also didn’t want to lie to you, so I said yes;  I am pregnant.  You asked me how sure I was.  I replied, blood test sure.  Saturday, the 7th of March 2009 you found out that you were going to be a daddy.  You actually sounded relieved that it was just a pregnancy, and not be breaking up with you 😉

The rest of 2009 was tumultuous to say the least;  an unplanned (not unwanted) pregnancy is also tricky, especially financially, and we had many a ‘discussion’ regarding this matter.  You had to get a new job to provide for our growing family, and we also had to sell your beloved bakkie, as she was no longer conducive to our situation.  Enter the ‘snot’ mobile.  Named as such due to its rather uninviting colour.

Late April / early May 2009, I went for our first scan.  You couldn’t be there, so my mom accompanied me, and the first thing you asked her when you phoned to find out how it was going, was “how many heartbeats are there?!”  As twins run in both our families, I thought it a very relevant question 🙂  When we found out that we were having a little girl, I still to this day remember your squeal of utter happiness when I told you 🙂  Up until that point, we had both wanted a little boy, but when we found out that M-L was a girl, and that she was 100% healthy, we didn’t actually care.  That didn’t help our name choosing situation, but that just didn’t seem as important.

Monday, the 28th of September 2009.  We got married.  At Home Affairs, in front of our family (sadly not all of our family).  I still have the picture that was taken of us almost in the same position;  both of us clasping our hands together, looks of utter happiness and apprehension on our faces!  We went out for a breakfast with everyone after that, then a walk around the shops, and then home to sleep, because at 7.5 months pregnant, my bed was the most comfortable place to be 😉

Monday, the 26th of October 2009.  Our lives were forever changed, by a 3.205kg, healthy, beautiful, awe-inspiring little girl.  I still remember how you took care of both of us, with my mom’s constant support for those first few weeks whilst I was struggling to find my way and purpose in this new role called ‘mom’.

May 2010, we sold the snot mobile, and bought a slightly bigger, more reliable car.  You are forever on my case for the state that it seems to permanently be in, but I think that you now realise that it’s a lost cause 😉

Late August / early September 2011, we moved out of my mom’s house, and into our own little place.  For the first time in our almost 8 year relationship, we had our own space.  It was scary, daunting and exciting, all at the same time.  For me, it was mostly scary.  I really was a wife and mother now.

We do have a fair number of ‘bad’ days, but I haven’t mentioned them (much) in this little memoir, as even though our ‘good’ days may not outnumber our ‘bad’ days, they far outweigh them 🙂

This August the 30th, marks our 10th anniversary together.  I cannot believe that it has been almost 10 years.

Here’s to the next 50 years, and preferably another M-L too 😉

I love you with all my heart, and then a little more.



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