cleaning my daughter’s bedroom

Seriously, this was not in the parenting hand book that I did not read. I barely clean my own room, and now I have to clean my ‘almost 4’ year olds room as well?!

My problem, is that even though I detest any form of domestication out there, when I do something, I do it properly. So I won’t just put all of the puzzles together in the toy box. No, I go through every single puzzle box, ensure that all 24 or 36 or however many pieces that are supposed to be there are in fact there, then stack the boxes neatly, in box size order. The same goes for all of her stuffed toys. I will mention now, that the toy box currently being used, is about 3 times too small. My daughter has a LOT of stuffed toys.

I'm way too cool for this picture
I’m way too cool for this picture
Last Thursday, I was at home with the flu, but unfortunately when I get the flu, I get domestic. It’s a vicious circle I tell you 😉 So I got stuck into my daughter’s bedroom. Oh. My. God.

Well, 3 hours, 1 shopping bag of rubbish and 1 black rubbish bag of old clothes later, her room was spotless 🙂 Everything was packed away in its correct spot, her clothes all folded neatly, shoes aligned perfectly, books all stacked in height order, and toys all displayed beautifully. Oh, I didn’t mention that my daughter was at home with me, also sick.

It took 4.5 minutes for her to undo my 3 hours of hard work.

Yes, I cried. On the inside, I did in fact cry.

But, she will only be ‘almost 4’ once – go for it my princess-pie. I’ll be right here, literally picking up all of the pieces 🙂



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