how i (don’t) deal with issues

I hate conflict. I run away from it so fast, I give myself whiplash. The same goes for pain, fear, loss, grief. My husband was involved in an attempted hijacking / carjacking 2 days ago. He is (not) dealing with this well, but that is a story for another day. How I am dealing with it, is also a story for another day, however as awful as it sounds, I have to find humour in it. I deal with these painful issues, traumas, through humour.

How am I dealing with this incident?

Holy hell husband; you have such an ugly crying face! Like Kim Kardashian ugly!

I know how this sounds, but this is how I am deal with these types of situations. If I don’t find some glimmer of humour, I crumble.

And right now, I can’t afford to crumble. I have to be strong. My rock is crumbling, and I now need to support him.

Humour, get me through this, please.



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