did i actually just say that? yes, yes i did…

I really should learn to be aware of my surroundings. Even more so, I should learn to be aware of my BOSS.

We were briefly discussing the year end function for this year, as this awful duty falls to me. The girls were laughing about previous functions, and said that they would help me, and I just had to forward the numbers etc. I then said haha, and that I would be quite happy if the function was cancelled due to cost saving. I was then told that was a possibility. (secretly, I am relieved lol)

Trues nuts, whilst laughing and joking with the girls, they said to me “Just don’t listen to your boss! We’ll decide the venue!” To which I replied the following :

“No ways! He’s my boss, and if he says jump, I say how high!”

And cue my boss. Standing right behind me. Then cue me blushing. Actually, turning scarlet is a more accurate description, with tinges of bright pink around my eyes, framing my already watering eyes.

The man was a panther in his last life, I swear it!



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