you could have gone 1 size up

Most definitely his last words!
Most definitely his last words!

My husband took the 3 of us shopping yesterday, and one of the items that I got was a tunic type dress, that I could wear with leggings and boots, and was just what I was looking for. I didn’t try anything on in the store, as I know my size and didn’t feel the need to. As I was preparing supper last night, my husband came up to me and asked me to try on the dress, as he wanted to see what it looked like on me, as he really liked it. The conversation went a little something like this :

Husband : “Oh that’s nice. What size is it again?”

Me : “It’s a size *insert beep sound here*. Why?”

Husband : “Oh, you could have gone 1 size up to *insert beep sound here*.”

Me : silence

Husband : silence

Me : “Let’s just think about this rationally shall we? I have just tried on the dress that you bought for me, and you have stated that I could have bought 1 size bigger. You do realise, that you have inadvertently called me FAT.”

Husband : (at this stage he was bright red and trying not to giggle sheepishly) “Yes, yes I realise that. But I didn’t mean it that way at all!”

Me : (I was luckily taking it rather well and too was trying not to laugh sheepishly) “Yes, I know that you didn’t mean it that way. But you have just called me fat.”

Needless to say, he finished off making supper and I went and sat down and watched tv 🙂

This morning I got up, showered and got dressed and put on the new shirt and boots that he bought me, as well as leggings etc, and I went upstairs to say good-bye to him. He looked at me and told me that I looked good. I replied by telling him that I felt good. Then, the cheekiness in me coming out, I stated that I actually didn’t feel good, as I felt lumpy and bumpy, but on the inside I felt damn good!

He at least had the decency to blush. Again 😉



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