out of the mouth of babes

My daughter and I popped in at my mom’s this evening on our way home, and I decided that she could hop in the bath with my mom to save me some time when we got home. A part of their conversation went like this :

Nana : “M-L what are you doing?”

M-L : “I’m covering your boobs Nana.”

(Please note that my mom does not have boobs. She calls herself the boobless wonder.)

Nana : “I don’t have boobs baby.”

M-L : “Na-naaaa, yes you do!!” She then tweaked my mom’s nipple.

Needless to say the bathroom then erupted into heaps of laughter, and my daughter then proceeded to point out her ‘boobs’. (She’s not even 4 yet!)

And to top it all off, the conversation ended like this :

Nana : “You need to get out nunu, you’re getting nippy.”

M-L : “Yes, I have nipples Nana!”

And that was us, completely finished!!


PS : yes, my mom was on her 2nd glass of wine at the time πŸ™‚

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