Royal pains

Well written; humour and sadness all in one. Props to you Kajal xx


Ever wondered how you would feel if one day some doctor told you in an annoyingly nonchalant voice, that you have some strange medical condition?

Well it turns out, not as bad as I thought, actually. A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Protein S deficiency. No, it doesn’t mean my broad-shouldered hubby is hogging the munda and gori and leaving me with the bhaji and roti. Its actually a genetic disorder that involves the clotting of blood. Protein S is a specific component in the blood that acts as an anti-coagulant.

You may have heard about the British royal family and their genetic disorder of haemophilia. Also known as the “royal disease”, this is when the bleeding doesn’t stop after a vessel is broken. You could think of protein S deficiency as the opposite. (yeah, great.. the UNroyal disease!?). It means your blood clots too much, also…

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