why should i, or you live in fear?

“Woman relives hijacking horror… http://t.co/N2DPbewSe8”  This was tweeted on Twitter, and the woman in the article advises people not to stop outside their friends houses for ‘a quick chat’, but to rather ‘drive into their premises’.


Why should I, a regular, tax-paying South African, who is a non-criminal, continue to live in fear?  Why should I be afraid to go for a run once the sun has set;  why should I be afraid to pause outside my gate to look for my keys as they’ve once again slid under my car seat.  Why?

A year or so ago, a Durban radio station assistant was mugged after a rugby game, as he was walking home, or to his car (details are a bit sketchy in my brain).  One of the people who phoned in to comment said “he shouldn’t have been out that late walking alone”.  Again, BULLSHIT.

This country does not belong to the criminals, the ignoramuses who insist on preying on the vulnerable;  the mom who is fetching her kids at school, the granny and grandpa who are walking to get their post, the pensioners waiting to collect their pension money, the hardworking man and woman relaxing in THEIR house.

I am so sick and tired of living in fear;  fear of whether or not I’m going to get hijacked, or if when I say good-bye to my husband when he goes off on his weekly business trips, am I going to see him again?  Fear of the world that my daughter is growing up in.

So criminals, watch out.  You might call me stupid, you might call me naïve;  but try and steal my car.  I will drive right into you.  Try and mug me;  I will scream my lungs out and I will kick you and punch you and hurt you as much as I can.

I will NOT bow down to, or run away from a criminal.  They will bow down to me in pain, and they will run away in fear.

This is MY country too, and I will fight for it.



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