why do you hate me sleep?

I used to sleep like the dead.  Well, that is what I was told.  All I know is that I went to bed at night, and woke up every morning refreshed and ready to start the day.  I don’t know when it started, probably around the time that I fell pregnant, I’m not 100% sure, but sleep these days tends to elude me.

Yup, pretty much
Yup, pretty much

These days, a moth flies into my bedroom and I wake up. The dog moves, I wake up. My daughter, whom I cannot get out of my bed and into hers, moves, and I wake up. She is unfortunately a VERY restless sleeper, and her slightest movement has me wide awake. Then, as soon as I’m ready to sink back into sleep, either she or something petty keeps me awake.

I wake up every morning, with rings under my eyes that rival Barry Hilton’s, and just utterly exhausted. I am so tired of being tired. I have mild sleeping tablets from my GP to help, but I find that even though they help me sleep, it’s not a refreshing sleep. I wake up slightly out of it, and only come right at about 10h00 the next morning!


It is so true that I do all of my thinking and worrying and stressing at night, in bed, when I should be sleeping. I have an idea; instead of a sleeping tablet, have a thinking tablet, that allows a person to get some sleep, but not forget what they were thinking about whilst trying to get some sleep!

Anyway, I’m sure sleep and I will become friends again, although I’d really prefer it if it was sooner than later!



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