the scariest night of my life

The 5th of March 2012. That was the scariest night of my life. I remember this date, because it was the night that I thought my brother had died.

I received a frantic phone call from my mom between 18h00-19h00 that night. She was almost hysterical, crying and sobbing, saying that he’d been in an accident. She didn’t know if he was hurt or not, and that she couldn’t get to him as he had their car. I remember standing there in silence, and then my adrenaline kicked in. I grabbed my car keys, told my husband that there’d been a car accident, and asked him to watch our daughter. I then raced down the hill (I live 7km from my mom) to try and find this accident. At this stage I thought that it was my step-dad that had been in the accident, but my husband called me about 1 minute after I’d left saying that it was in fact my brother. Our friend’s ex-wife had come upon the accident scene literally a minute after it had happened, and had raced to my mom’s house to inform my mom and step-dad. The person in the accident, was my 19 year old brother.

At this stage, I was fighting back the tears, not knowing what to expect when I got to the bottom of the hill, whether or not my brother would still be alive. I remember getting to the bottom of the hill, seeing a barrage of flashing blue and red lights, and stopping my car, and then putting on my hazards. I was barely out the car when I heard myself yelling “where is he?!” I then heard my mom, and she told me that he was ok, but was in the ambulance, getting seen to.

This is what I arrived to :

My step-dad's car that my brother wrote off, after a vehicle jumped the stop street at the bottom of the hill and he t-boned them.
My step-dad’s car that my brother wrote off, after a vehicle jumped the stop street at the bottom of the hill and t-boned him.

My brother, bracing for impact, had held the steering wheel so hard, and with so much force, that he actually bent the 2 sides of it, so that they were almost folded underneath the main part of the steering wheel / column. My brother, very stupidly, also wasn’t wearing his safety belt, his excuse being that he had left home literally 2 minutes before. You’ve heard the saying; most car accidents happen in a 5km radius of your house. This was approximately 1km from his house. Yes, his head his the windscreen, and even though I won’t post a picture of what his head looked like, this is what the windscreen looked like :

Where my brother's head hit the windscreen.
Where my brother’s head hit the windscreen.

At the end of the day, it was a car accident. The 3 guys in the vehicle that my brother hit did not mean to jump the stop street; it was raining, it was dark and it was an accident. Both vehicles were written off, and the ironic thing is that my folks had finished paying off their vehicle just 7 months prior to the accident.

My brother changed after his accident, in both a positive and negative way. Either way, I am just so grateful that he is alive. He is the baby of my immediate family; the youngest child of my mom’s, and he and I are extremely close. His nickname is “Boy”, and even though he is turning 21 this December, he will always be my Boy.

Material possessions can be replaced; a human life cannot.

However Monday, the 5th of March 2012, will always remain the scariest night of my life.



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