annoying people. really, really annoying people.

I work with what has to be, the laziest, most sour, unproductive person out there.  This person does not greet you unless you greet her first, and even then it is such an effort for her to do so.  Asking her to laminate something (which incidentally forms a part of her job as the laminator sits on her desk) is like asking her for a kidney.  When receiving visitors, I get the impression that the visitors are wanting to run in the opposite direction, they feel so unwelcome.  But the most annoying thing that she does, is not communicate.

I sit upstairs, above reception.  I have access to open the reception door through a PC program, and the switchboard can also be diverted to any phone on site, so I don’t need to go down to the reception desk when this person needs the bathroom, or goes to the kitchen etc.  I have absolutely no problem whatsoever assisting;  her job is quite monotonous, and people have needs!  All I ask is that you buzz me to say that you need to come upstairs – no problem.  But no;  this ray of frigging sunshine just pops out of the elevator and looks at me;  I now no longer look her way.  In fact, if I’m feeling really nasty (which happens a lot, oddly enough only with her) I get up as the elevator opens and go to get a cup of tea or something.  Do not expect me to do your job, when you cannot be bothered to communicate with me.  What if I am not at my desk, which happens a lot being a Factory Manager’s secretary;  I’m always running around site.  What, then the switchboard must just ring, and guests / visitors must just stand outside waiting for you to get back downstairs?  Bull crap man!

This said person came back from maternity leave at the beginning of May;  perhaps you’ll understand my disdain for her when I tell you that within 4 hours of her being back, everyone was asking if we could swap her with her replacement, as her replacement was far better!  So, you’ve been in your job for almost 2 years, yet your replacement of 4 months, did a better job than you?!  It’s so bad, that when a reception position opened up at the site across from us, a whole bunch of us contacted HR and asked if we could send her over to that site, and get her replacement back!  This unfortunately didn’t happen, but when HR admits that they were thinking the same thing, it kinda makes you wonder…

She also abuses company goods.  Namely, the telephone.  In the 4 months that her replacement was here, her total phone bill was R480.00 odd.  In the 1 month that this person has been back, her phone bill hit almost R600.00!  To put it into perspective, mine was on R27.00 odd for the month of May and I have to phone out for my boss etc.  She doesn’t have to get anyone on the line for anyone.  I then pulled a report for the months of October-December 2012 – R1900.00 odd in total!  Absolute abuse I tell you!  Things like that just totally grate me.

But I tolerate her, because I won’t let her sourness and displeasing attitude affect me and the journey that I am going to make in this company.

You are the captain of your own ship – sail it wisely.



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