we all share the same destiny

Yes, really we do!  Do you know what our shared destiny is?

We are all going to die.

Whether we die today, tomorrow, in a weeks time, in a years time.  In 20 years time, or as a silver haired person asleep in their bed, we are all going to die.

Yes, I exercise, as I want to be trim and fit, however I eat what I want, when I want, and how I want!  “Eat healthily, take these supplements – guaranteed to prolong your life!”  “This is bad for you – don’t eat it!”  “Why drink that soda;  it’s killing you!”  Well news flash;  we are all dying already.  Even a newborn baby is dying.  I at 27 am dying.

So, I will continue to buy whatever crap food it is that I’m craving for that day, will continue to drink my wine and spirits, and will also continue to exercise, not because it’s ‘healthy’ but because I actually enjoy a 5km road run after a crazy day at work.

When I die, which we all incidentally are going to do, I hope that I have a belly full of roast beef and pork and chicken, with all of the trimmings including extra crispy roast potatoes smothered in gravy.  I also hope that I have the biggest glass of wine in front of me, and the most calorie inducing pudding waiting for me to pounce on it.

Shared destiny people;  shared destiny.



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