today started out with such promise

No, actually it didn’t.  It started with me putting my left contact lense in, and very swiftly removing it after it felt like a needle was happily making its way through my eyeball.  I then got to work, and mercifully bit into what I assumed was a chocolate chip muffin, which in fact turned out to be a bran muffin.  Nothing against bran muffins, but it’s a conspiracy I tell you.  Today also happens to be day 1 of 2 of a HUGE audit, and when certain paperwork was called for, it wasn’t where it should have been.  What should have taken 30 minutes to locate and sort, took almost 2 hours.  Luckily, the auditors allowed 2 hours *wipes brow*.  By this stage, my left contact lense had pretty much had enough for the day, and decided to have some nasty fun.

Today would be the day that I do not have my solution, lense container or new glasses with me.  I tried so hard to hold on for as long as I could, but whatever was in my eye, underneath my contact lense, felt like it was burrowing further and further in every time that I moved my eye!  I begged my colleagues for solution, but alas, none of them had.  I eventually resorted to cleaning my lense in water (yes I know, baaaad) and then sticking it back in my eye.  Who the hell knew that water could be so dry?  I seriously think that my eye felt WORSE after rinsing my lense with water, than when it was in my eye with whatever was underneath it.  I very VERY quickly removed my left lense again, and thought ‘oh crap’.  I then remembered that I had my old glasses in the car, and then went and found 2 containers, filled them with water, and placed each contact lense into a container.  Yes, I wrote L & R on each container 😉

Whether or not my lenses will still be wearable by the time I get home, is another story, for another day.



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