bah humbug – wait, wrong season

Mothers’ Day. What an over-commercialised crock of bull. Just like Valentine’s Day, and Fathers’ Day and all of those other ridiculous ‘days’ in the year. I love my mom with all of my heart, and I am still fortunate to have her around, unlike some of my friends. I however do not need 1 whole ‘special’ day to make her feel special or loved. I tell my mom as often as possible how much she means to me, and how much I love her. I try and take my daughter to visit her as often as possible, so that my mom is surrounded by love as often, and as much as possible.

This being said, I did in fact buy her a bonsai for Mothers’ Day last Sunday, but that was mainly because she said that she liked it, and I wanted to buy her something, just because.

Yes, I am a mother, a mommy, a mum. I do not need 1 whole day ‘dedicated’ to me.

I would however like to sleep in past 06h00. Just once. Please.



One thought on “bah humbug – wait, wrong season

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