bullying for profit

We all enjoy a bit of gossip.  Whether it’s gossip about cars, babies, women, men, children, schools, motorbikes, we all enjoy a bit of gossip.  I do however feel that sometimes, tabloids can go just a bit too far.

Usually it’s the overseas tabloids that go to far, like the European magazine that published the topless pics of Kate (Prince William’s wife) or pictures of dead celebrities etc.  However, here in sunny South Africa, even we take it too far.

Case in point :



You Magazine.  As per their Twitter bio – “The biggest selling English magazine in South Africa.”  Well if the above is what sells magazines, thank goodness I don’t really read them anymore.  Well, I no longer buy them.  If I happen to be visiting a friend, and they have a gossip mag or 2, yes, I do sometimes read them.

“KATE THE WAIF vs KIM THE WHALE” – You magazine is always printing stories about how to boost your child’s confidence, how to identify the signs of bullying, how to catch early depression etc, yet their front cover this week is making a mockery of both women as far as I’m concerned.  I am 5ft2″ – I was 92kg when I gave birth to my daughter – I suppose that I was a whale too then.  But God help you if you dare called me that.  I was pregnant for flip sakes!

As far as I’m concerned, this magazine cover is a form of bullying.  Just because both Kate and Kim are overseas ‘celebrities’ doesn’t make it any less cruel or distasteful.  I honestly haven’t read the story, but if the cover is anything to go by, one doesn’t really need to.  I only saw this cover whilst browsing through Twitter yesterday afternoon, and I saw a retweet from the following user “@ChrisMcEvoy_ : Porn treats women with more respect than this.  SMH RT @YouMagazine Morning! Our new cover! Kate vs Kim. http://t.co/J2HC1QM4bh”

We are all guilty of bullying, even if we ourselves were bullied.  I was called too skinny in primary school and was teased, yet I was a physical bully, beating up the boys.  Go figure.

I understand and respect the fact that magazines need to sell copies, and lots of copies for that matter.  But surely, not this way?  I personally do not like Kim Kardashian.  No, she has done nothing to me personally, however I just don’t like her.  I will however, not ill-wish her or her unborn child, or make fun of her weight gain.  She’s pregnant!  And hello, Kate Middleton was skinny BEFORE she fell pregnant!  Look at Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford etc – all really skinny before they fell pregnant and after.

I just feel that it’s such a contradiction to publish stories on how to boost yourself, and then in the same publication, publish something as distasteful as the above.

I am me;  I may not like myself most days, but this is who I am.  Bumps and all.



3 Replies to “bullying for profit”

    1. Just makes me so mad hey, I mean I put on a helluva lotta weight when I was pregnant, but hello, I was pregnant!! Yes, she could chose clothes etc more suited to her ‘current state’ but she is pregnant!!!


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