Milo, the furball of disaster

Earlier this year, one of my best friends Vicky, decided to get herself a puppy.  I will add now, that Vicky once killed a cactus.  A plant that requires little to no water, she killed.  As in dead.  Non-revivable.  D E A D dead.  Vicky lives alone, and wanted a companion.  She decided on a little Yorkshire Terrier, as they are one of the few animals, whose fur she is not allergic to.  And so, Milo came into her life.


Milo was the same size, if not a wee bit smaller than her tv remote when Vicky first got him at a mere 6-7 weeks old.  He was the cutest, tiniest ball of fluff I’d ever seen.  He was so playful, and he tired very easily, which was awesome as Vicky could then continue with things that she wanted to do.  Needless to say, Milo has grown up some.  And Milo’s nickname from his loving mommy… “the spawn of satan”.  Yup.  I think you now see where this post is headed.


Milo has teeth.  Very sharp little teeth.  Milo likes to use his teeth.  ON EVERYTHING.  Especially Vicky’s toes…  Milo also likes to wee, EVERYWHERE.  Vicky has bought special puppy litter, has put down newspaper, has bought special spray, but nooooo, Milo goes where Milo wants to go.  Vicky has even had a hole cut in her front door for the little rascal to get in and out of, but Milo hates his feet getting cold, and unfortunately, grass gets cold and damp, especially when it’s raining, and also overnight with all of the condensation.

My friend Vicky is so used to doing things when she wants, how she wants, and whichever way that she wants to do it in, that these last few months have been trying (to put it mildly).


Vicky was then told by a friend, a way to distract him was to give him a toilet roll and let him roll it around.  Yes, well what the friend failed to tell Vicky, was that it should be the inner of the toilet roll, the thin cardboard bit.  The picture above is evidence of what a 2 month old Yorkie does to a full roll of toilet paper.


To help maintain her sanity, Vicky does ‘entertaining’ things with Milo – one thing about this little dog is that he’s pretty easy going, especially when he’s asleep!



As much as Vicky wonders some days (ok, probably most days these days) ‘why did I get this menace!’ I know for a fact that he has helped to fill a void in her life, and he’s such a joy to come home to, especially after a really crappy day at work.  Vicky doesn’t do the ‘puppy-smell’ very well, but Vicky is unconventional, and that’s why I love her.

Vicky was telling me last night that she is finding it difficult keeping Milo entertained all of the time, as what kept him happy yesterday, didn’t do the trick today.  My response?  Welcome to motherhood darling!  Just because my daughter liked colouring in yesterday, does not mean she’ll like it today!  In fact, she won’t like it today just to watch me pull my hair out! 🙂

Puppies, kittens, children.  All requiring attention and love.  I can barely manage with just my daughter – Milo is a stepping stone for Vicky, as she’s still umming and ahhing about having kids.   Hahaha – if Milo’s anything to go by, good luck!  But you know what, 2.5 months down the line…  Milo is still alive!  You killed a cactus but your puppy is still alive!

Go Vicky! 🙂





2 Replies to “Milo, the furball of disaster”

  1. So I’m not the only one that doesn’t do the “puppy smell” (or anything puppy really), but have been very fond of some older dogs.

    Although I just love kittens – they’re the bestest things ever! 🙂


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