laziness personified

I am a lazy person.  Hell, I might even compete in the laziest person in the world competition, if it wasn’t so much effort.  But why I ask, am I almost a completely different person at work?  I am the first to offer assistance, I volunteer myself for the stupidest things, all for ‘the benefit of the company’.  Yet at home, I’d quite honestly go hungry than cook supper, I’ll wear my older jeans if my newer ones are dirty, and quite honestly, tv is a form of entertainment for my daughter, isn’t it?

I cannot explain it or understand it;  I am a workhorse at work, diligent, efficient and a good all-rounder, yet at home, I am a lazy cow.  Yes husband, I said it so that you don’t have to.  ‘Cause you know that if you did, you probably would wake up with your eyebrows shaved off or something like that.

Explain to me how I love exercise, and I mean LOVE exercise, but I have no oomfph to do anything around my house?  Explain to me how I don’t mind running around work, from office to cubicle, running after staff, but I have no oomfph to do anything at home!  To me it’s flipping hilarious – to my hubby, erm, not so much.

But guess what honey, you put a ring on it – hee hee hee 🙂



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