a real life princess

I don’t really support beauty pageants and all that. To me, there’s so much more to a person than just their looks, however in some peoples cases, all they have are their looks…

My princess-pie and her daddy
My princess-pie and her daddy

This past Saturday was my daughter’s family fun day at her school. We decided to go as the Spongebob family, as each family had to dress up and I of course completely forgot, and the only thing that we all had in our wardrobes, was Spongebob shirts! So my hubby wore his Spongebob shirt, I wore my Patrick shirt and my daughter wore her Spongebob and Patrick vest. But that was just her arriving outfit, as the school’s principal had decided to do a little pageant for all of the little girls. My daughter, who I call my princess-pie was so excited for the pageant, and we had picked out her pretty little white dress, with matching shoes, handbag and her dress-up crown. Watching her walk across the stage, strike her little pose and blow a kiss to the audience, made me feel so proud, and so full of love for her at that moment. I would never ever force her into doing beauty pageants, and quite honestly, that show “Toddlers and Tiara’s” makes me want to smash in my tv, but just seeing her so confident and smiling, after she’d been so sick during the week, just made me so indescribably happy, elated even.

So, for the rest of the weekend, she has been running around, responding to me by saying, “no mommy, I’m a princess!” – priceless!

And of course, every princess has her servants. Although, in this case, she has 2; mommy and daddy!

My daughter is my life, my real life princess.


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