the worst baker-person in the world (no, I really am)

I decided to make another cake for work tonight. Notice how there is no picture posted with this blog? Yeah, you do not want to see what DIDN’T come out of my oven tonight.

This time around, I ensured that I had the correct ingredients, and even made sure that I had enough for a DOUBLE mixture so that it could be a big cake, meaning more for everyone. It did not work out that way. At all.

My first clue that this was going to flop, was the fact that I ended up spraying half of the mixture around the kitchen with my hand held mixer (ok, not half the mixture, but it was messy). I then almost dropped the scale into the mixture. I then went and pulled a deep GLASS baking dish from my cupboard, because being nice and big, it would suit my needs just fine. Well I’m a dumbass ok. There I admitted it!!

55mins into baking it, the middle was still not cooked. The top, however, was a crisp almost-black. The recipe said it should take no more than 25mins. The recipe also said that it must be baked in 2 baking pans, and that was for a single mixture. Cleverness over here, made a DOUBLE mixture. Double = 4 pans, sure as hell not 1!!

So, I have made 1 last attempt to salvage this disaster, but I can see myself taking my disaster to the lounge, breaking off the good pieces and eating my sorrow away. Thank goodness the shops open at 7am. As I will be there, happily handing over my money for a cake that will not fall through my hands because it’s not cooked.

I hope.



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