where to draw the line

I am the type of person who respects everyone, whether or not I know you personally.  However, I often find that this common courtesy is not often repaid.  Classic example.

One of our staff members came up to me for a chat, and started speaking about his religion, and how happy he is, and how this religion has changed his life etc.  I was genuinely happy for him.  I respect everyone’s cultures, beliefs and religion.  All I ask in return, is that you respect my opinions and beliefs, and that if I say that I do not want to discuss something further, that you simply drop it.  Easy as that.

But no, not this guy.  He continued to question my beliefs and who I believe in, and where do I think I come from, and when did I realise that I was a being and I was like, WTF?!  Well, I know where I came from.  My mom and dad were in the mood, and 9 months later there I was.  Ok, not so sure about the mood part, but the 9 months later part is a scientific fact.

ImagePicture found on fredoniaflame.blogspot.com

I then mentioned that I was uncomfortable with the discussion, and that I would prefer it if we could end it, and he continued.  And continued.  And continued.  I then mentioned that religion is a dangerous, if not difficult thing to discuss, and that he must remember that wars are fought over different beliefs and religions.  He then asked if I was threatening him (major WTF moment) and his reasoning to his questions, ‘why am I discussion war with religion?’  Really.  Really.  I at this point got more and more flustered and rattled, and it was getting to a point where I felt totally boxed in, and was, well, rattled.  I even felt tears in my eyes.  I practically had to beg him to end the conversation, stating at least another 3 times that I was uncomfortable.  He started apologising and eventually left.

But why did it have to get to that point?  Yes, you can have a general discussion regarding religion, but when you start to get so specific, and start shoving (yes, I will say SHOVING) if down my throat, I will take offence, and if not offence, will ask you to please end the discussion.  Respect is a two way street.  I kinda feel violated, and I know that that sounds totally over the top, but I am feeling panicky, my mood had shifted to a more somber effort, and for want of a better explanation, I feel totally emo.

Why in the hell did it have to get to this point?!  You have your beliefs and opinions, just as I have mine.

Respect is a two way street.



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