Project Gena2.0

Until the age of 12, when Mother Nature decided to throw a spanner in the works, I had an enviable figure. Curves in all the right places, toned and fit, blonde and blue eyed. Then puberty smacked me upside the head. And boy, did she smack HARD.

Throughout high school, I managed to maintain my weight at between 60-62kg, and that was ok. Sure, I had a few extra curves, notably my gorgeous 34C girls, but I was happy-ish with my figures. I was however, doing sport / working out 6 days a week. Then I matriculated. Crap.

In the 10 years since I matriculated, i have had an on/off, love/hate relationship with my hair colour, I have gotten married, had a child, put on about 10kgs, lost 6kgs, put on 5kgs and gone up a bra size. If only my boobs weren’t squint… However last September, some of my colleagues and I went on a weight loss challenge, and in 3 months I lost 7kgs and I think 8-9% of my total body weight. I was working out 3-5 times a week, was eating relatively healthily and it paid off as I won the money pot! I both felt and looked great!! Unfortunately, Christmas and a new job was right around the corner, and since that challenge, I’ve put on a few kgs and cm’s. I am not feeling the love for my body right now.

I have always loved road running. People think I’m crazy, it’s too punishing on my body etc, but there is something about being on the road, just me and my thoughts, my feet making their own rhythm that soothes me, that calms me. So yesterday, I went for my first road run in about 7-8 months. I took my little dog with me, and we took it slow and easy. 40mins later, I felt like a new person. There is just something about road running…

I got home today, and pushed myself just a little further, didn’t take my dog and managed to do my route, twice! I can do this, and you know what, I did! Yes, I admit, I look like a duck with 17 carrots shoved up my backside when I walk downstairs, and I cannot bend onto my haunches without squawking in pain, but man oh man, have I missed this pain!

So, I am giving myself 4 months to lose 5-7kgs, and to get from a 34-32 waist. I can do this, and what’s more, I will.

Watch this space.



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