Being mom – my way


I am a mommy to a very busy 3 year old. Right from the very start, I have done things her way, for want of a better explanation. I didn’t routine feed, I demand fed. I listened to her needs, even as an infant, and acted on them.

Now, at the inquisitive age of 3 years, 2 months and 10 days, she is, I’d say, 99% potty / bed trained. Some will say (or even argue) that it’s far too late; she should have been trained months ago. Ok, I had said that I wanted her off bottles and out of nappies by her second birthday, but you know what; life doesn’t always plan out the way that we’d like it to, or even plan for it to. We managed to have her weaned from her milk bottles last February which was pretty close to the 2 year goal, but it’s taken a bit longer with the nappies, and you know what, I honestly don’t care.

Sure, it would have been great to be able to save the money being spent on nappies every month, but you know what; I take pride in the fact that not only have my husband and I made her journey fun and exciting, we’ve allowed her to do it at her own pace. She has gone 2 nights now with no accidents (I have however most likely now jinxed it ->insert facepalm icon here<-) and she hasn't had any daytime accidents in about a week now. The first night that she slept through with no accidents, we laughed and clapped and hugged and kissed her; we made her feel so proud of her accomplishment. We have a sticker chart, which to my delight, is pretty much full now.

There are so many 'experts' out there with regards to parenting, and as much as it's sometimes very helpful to take other peoples advise, and to listen to their opinions, my husband and I must have been doing something right to have this beautiful, happy, healthy little creature in our lives.

If you leave this world today, will you be proud of what you leave behind?



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