Stop wishing your life away

I matriculated in 2003. I worked damn hard in my final year (wish I had applied myself like that in my earlier years) and I achieved really awesome results. I say that I achieved really awesome results, not to be boastful, but because I worked my average, all-rounder backside off, and it paid off. Instead of going out partying during trials and finals, I stayed in, studied, applied myself. Fair enough, when my trials results came out, I thought I was done for. But when I looked at my official matric results, I gave myself a well deserved pat on the back. Hard work really had paid off.

However, in saying the above, real life can absolutely suck (for want of a more descriptive word)! In the 10 years since leaving school, I am a wife and a mommy; I have several bills to pay that empty my bank account each month. I am now living in the real world, and the real world can be a cold hearted she-devil. I was one of those annoying all-rounders at school; I never excelled at anything, but was always involved, always the team player, always the dependable one. I achieved reasonable marks, anywhere from A-C’s, but even I was disappointed in myself when I brought home C’s, simply because I knew that I was capable of so much more. I was involved in sport 6 days a week; I had an active social life and life was good. I had a part-time job that allowed me to have the financial freedom to buy myself things that my folks couldn’t, as well as supplement my social life.

I am the oldest of 4 children; I am technically an only child (mom had 2 more kids and dad had another 1 too) and I have achieved the highest marks of all 4 of us. I am not saying this to rub it in anyone’s faces; I am saying this because I believe that I worked my backside off and it paid off. I was really hoping that I would be the example for my siblings; alas even though they have all matriculated, I believe that they were all capable of so much more. In saying this though, I am supremely proud of all 3 of my siblings for going through their 12 years of schooling (11 for the 1 sister and 13 for my brother) and for having their piece of paper proving that they have indeed done so. Well done!!

I feel that the youth of today just wish their lives away; “I can’t wait to leave school and start living!” Well guess what – welcome to the real world; she bites. When we are in school we do not actually realise or appreciate how good we have it. The biggest thing that we have to worry about is school itself; not how we’re going to pay the school fees, or if there’s enough petrol in mom or dad’s car to get us to school etc. And the more affluent / middle class kids don’t realise how good they’ve had it until all of the amazing stories of the under-privileged school goers start coming out – children waking at 4am each morning so that they could catch a taxi in time for school, or walk the 20-50km to school each morning etc.

This post isn’t meant to insult, offend or annoy anyone. I just wish that the youth would take 1 very needed step back; appreciate what they have and take it from there. School is out, and this time it’s not just for the summer.

Keep it real, always.



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