Sick baby, gym routines & sanity maintenance

Thank goodness for technology (from 1 grateful mom)

I decided to work late last Tuesday night. Needless to say, I got home just after 01h00 on Wednesday morning, and just as I was settling into bed (my alarm goes off at 05h00 Monday through Friday) my daughter started being ill (she sleeps with my hubby and I – can’t resist!). This started at 03h20, and proceeded to continue until my alarm went off. She eventually settled down, and I took her through to the doctor at about 08h00, and he saw her at about 08h45. Whilst waiting for him, she proceeded to be ill twice more, taking the total to about 9 times since 03h20 that morning. Her legs also gave out in the GP’s rooms, which was pretty darn scary. Anyway, the GP looked her over, couldn’t find anything wrong but agreed that there was definitely something wrong. I then dropped her off with my hubby, and off I went to work. Thursday and Friday I still wasn’t happy, thus she stayed with my mom (after battling temperatures ranging in the 39’c range (scary stuff) on both Wednesday and Thursday nights). On Friday, she was still not well, so my mom took her back to the GP, who gave her a broad spectrum anti-biotic and told us to keep an eye on her.

So Saturday arrives, and I’m up at 05h00 as I wanted to get to gym to catch the 06h15 and 07h15 spinning classes. I manage to do this, hubby is at home looking after the princess, and then off I go to work. About half way through my morning, my hubby calls me saying that she’s vomited again. I immediately phoned the GP, who said that he’d try and arrange an appointment with the paediatrician. He was able to, and I was told to be at the hospital at about 16h00 to see the specialist.

Upon arrival at the hospital, my daughter is assessed, and we’re told to wait for the specialist, as he was on call. Whilst waiting, one of the nurses comes to me and states that the paediatrician wants her admitted immediately; he doesn’t like her symptons and wants to monitor her over night. Well, that was a shock to me, as I was so ill-prepared! I literally had 2 nappies (she’s slowly but surely getting there with the potty training) and a change of clothes! Anyway, we get up to the ward, and the doctor arrived, and he bundled her off to put a drip, and do blood work etc. Needless to say, I stayed behind (doctor’s instructions) but also, I wouldn’t have been able to handle seeing her in pain. As it is, I almost passed out hearing her crying when they put the drip in etc.

My princess with the bandage on her finger after the nurses took some blood

So we get settled in, I message my hubby with a whole list of things to bring to the hospital (he forget so much!) and get settled in for the night. As I’m lying there, I realise, selfishly, well there goes my plan for the 08h00 spinning class tomorrow! And, oh crap, if he does keep her tomorrow night, I can’t spin on Monday morning either before work! Understand something about me; I don’t go out and party, I don’t smoke, and I don’t have much of a social life. My me time is my gym. So after I’d resigned myself to the fact that gym was not happening for at least the next 2 days, I tried to get comfortable and get the princess off to sleep. HA. HA. HA.

EVENTUALLY, at around 01h00 she fell asleep. Then, true’s bob, just after 02h00 on the Sunday morning, 2 children were brought up to the ward at the same time; an almost 2 year old with a broken collar bone (big time owie!) and another 3 year old who had ingested something foreign and was out for the count. So between the screaming 2 year old, and the nurses trying to rouse the 3 year old rather loudly, it was a very interesting / disruptive night, um morning… *sigh* Oh, not to mention the sleep interuptions every 3 hours to medicate my child *facepalm*

Sunday morning came and went, the paediatrician decided to keep her one more night, as even though she didn’t have any temperatures, he just wanted to make sure. I can appreciate his concern, but even by 09h00 on Sunday morning I had just had enough! The last time she was in hospital, she was in isolation and it’s just so different! You end up in your own little bubble, your own bathroom, your own space. Ugh, general wards, even in paediatrics is just plain awful! But, at the end of the day, my princess was receiving the care that she needed.

So, by Sunday early evening I was literally pulling my hair out, but my princess was being kept entertained with movies and colouring in and story books (thanks mom and hubby!) Monday morning arrived after a relatively early-ish night (she fell asleep just before 22h00) and also an uneventful night. at about 09h30, she was given the all clear to go home – yay!

We got home just after 11h00, and all I wanted to do was just sleep. Sadly, hubby was out working and my mom wasn’t able to watch her, so I had to take care of her, which ordinarily is not a problem, and not that it was a problem today, but I was just mentally and physically exhausted. Anyway, we survived, and just before 16h00 hubby arrived home. I then decided to go to gym to catch the 18h15 spinning class (loved every minute of it, even though I wasn’t able to put my 100% all into it) and then come into work to try and catch up on the day’s missed work. Well, one look at the incoming orders tray and I almost turned around and went straight back home!

I seriously need a weekend to recover from my weekend, but hell, at the end of the day my princess is well on the road to recovery, and me, well, give me a few days and I’ll be just fine. Kids are tough and resilient, but so are parents! Sometimes at least!

Never feel that you’re being a paranoid parent; my paranoia saved my daughter when she was 6 months old (measles and pnueumonia at the same time) and now this time, as much as it wasn’t life threatening, she was in the best possible place that she should have been in.

But this weekend, my feet are going up, and I am so sleeping in past 05h00!



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