Being mom

I am a mommy. What this means is the following :

1. I get the last serving of supper (most often a little drier or overdone/burnt)
2. I get the last slice of cake, the slice that’s smaller and wonky looking
3. I have broken sleep, normally being woken up once if not twice a night
4. I have to clean up a bedroom that I do not sleep in, do not play in and do not make messy!

And I could actually go on and on and on and on… BUT. Being a mommy also means the following :

1. “supper was so yummy mommy – thank-you!”
2. “I want more cake please mommy – it was so yummy!”
3. “mommy, I want to sleep with you. Cuddle me mommy”
4. “my room is so pretty mommy – thank-you!”
5. “I fell down mommy – please kiss it better!”
6. “I want a love mommy, give me kissies!”
7. When she holds my face in her hands, and kisses the tip of my nose
8. When she’s sitting quietly, and then just starts giggling
9. When, at almost 3 years old, she falls asleep in my arms, and she snuggles into me
10. I am her person that comforts her when she’s scared or in pain.

Any woman can be a biological mother, but not just anyone can be a mommy. It’s not always roses and perfume, but an hour of crying and fighting is so quickly undone by one hug, one kiss, one cuddle.



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