Hamba Kahle Gogo

Hamba kahle Gogo.  Zulu, for “Go well Grandmother”.

It has been exactly 1 year today that my beloved Gog’s left this world, and a void in my life.  But what an amazing day spent with family celebrating her life, and scattering her ashes in her favourite places.  I was also given a piece of her jewellery that, in every single memory that I have of her, she is wearing, and the most amazing part is that I am able to wear just as she did.  That has warmed my heart more than I could ever put into words.

It is still so hard to believe and comprehend that it has been 1 whole year without seeing her face, kissing her cheek and hearing her voice.  But I know that she is in a better place;  a place with no pain or suffering, a place where she can rest and look over us, her family, and know that we, know that I, love her with all of my heart, and miss her every single day, with every single breath that I take.

Until we meet again Gog’s…



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