driving in the slow lane

I am a naturally aggressive driver. I drive pedal to the metal, hard and fast. I like to get my destination quickly, and I like to get away from slow, idiotic drivers who are just so dense and ‘safe’ in their little driving bubble. However, this obviously means that I go through quite a bit of petrol each month. Something my hubby hasn’t been too thrilled about seeing as he’s the one who foots the bill…

So on Monday night he gave me a challenge of sorts; drive like a ‘granny’ with my latest full tank of petrol to try and get a comparison. So basically what this means is the following :

1 – no unnecessary acceleration
2 – no unnecessary braking (not needed as I won’t be accelerating)
3 – going through my gears slowly and smoothly, and also using them to slow me down, thus reducing my braking
4 – controlling my road rage (blush) thus not accelerating and braking unnecessarily

So I filled my tank on Tuesday night, and I started driving like a ‘granny’ as soon as I left the petrol station. I cannot believe I’m admitting this… But I can already see a drastic improvement in my fuel consumption. I’m quite stunned actually, in a very good way! And in all honesty, I’m quite enjoying the ‘chilled’ drive, just brushing off other idiots on the road, just sticking to the rules of the road and doing my thing. And you know what I’ve realised but taking the ‘chilled’ approach? There are a lot of drivers out there who not only don’t know how to drive, think they own the roads and are just plain a**holes, but if everyone just took a chilled approach to driving, there might just be a lot less accidents on our roads.



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