Cell / Mobile Phones – grr argh!!!!

So I got a new phone last week.  All excited, I got home and psyched myself up to do the whole back-up-the-old-phone-and-restore-to-new-phone thingy-majig.  Suddenly, at the end of the back up, my laptop tells me that there was some sort of error, do I want to retry?  Apprehensively, I say yes, and all seems fine.  I then WIPE my old phone, as my hubby wants to use it, and copy his information onto my old phone.  Switch it on, and hey presto! – all is well.  I then turn on my new phone and…


Do you know that heart stopping feeling, when your stomach has sunk to the bottom of your toe nails, and you don’t know how to get it back up into your chest?  Yep.  That.  My back up has restored all of my contacts and messages, but none of my media.  1,500 plus pictures, mostly of my daughter, gone.  I actually didn’t know what to say.  What was the point of crying, shouting, screaming or running around in hysteria?  It wasn’t going to bring the images back?  Well so what – I did all 4 anyway!

Technology;  there to help us, make our lives easier, but I swear that it is also the bain of my existence most days.  Whatever happened to the simple little phone that you could make and receive calls on?  Remember how excited we all were when sms / text messages came out – wow, what technology!  Now we can send HD pictures wirelessly, music, e-mails, all through a little smart phone that I wanted to smash into the wall…  But seeing as the phone was only 24 hours old, I didn’t think that that was the best idea…

The best part is, I have to take the phone back to the shop today, as it has a missing pixel on the screen, right in the middle of the phone, and today is day 7, the last day that I can return the phone for a brand new one.  Let’s just say I will not be the one putting all of my information onto the new phone;  the in-store techician can!  Because, at least that way, if he stuffs it up, I can have a proper bitch fit and not feel guilty about it!

Remember, dance like no one is watching, and if they are, make it a show that they’ll never forget.



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