kindergarten / creche / play school (huh?!)

So last year my daughter’s creche was under threat of closing, as the owner was emigrating and my husband and I were unsure of what to do. After scouting several creches, we settled on a wonderful little creche that was a bit more expensive and a little further out. So at the end of December I forked out the January fees, a lump in my throat when I clicked ‘pay’ on the internet banking. Oh, this excludes the not-so-small non-refundable deposit I paid in October.

So our princess started her new creche last Monday, and by last Friday my husband and I sat down and spoke for over 2 hours, as there was something very wrong with our daughter. Not only had I had several issues with bottles and items of clothing not coming home (as well as a teacher issue :/) our daughter had started pulling her hair out. Now, not a piece or 2, but 2 whole handfuls of hair. This happened 3 times during the week. She was withdrawn, subdued, and quite honestly, depressed. (A depressed toddler – not something I ever want to experience EVER again)

So long story short, I contacted the new owner of her old creche and she took her back, no questions asked. Within 3 days of being back, I had my happy, carefree little princess back. What have I learnt from this experience? My princess doesn’t thrive in a huge schooling environment, at least not at the age of 2.

I mentioned above that I had a hard time figuratively paying the school fees in December, but at the end of the day, I cannot put a price on my daughter’s happiness.

She comes first. Always has. Always will.



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