so where do we stand

A lot has happened to me these last few months. A beloved member of my family passed away, another was diagnosed with a serious disease, other members of my family decided to end their relationship, and my princess turned 2. My hubby and I finally made the big move and found our own place, and moved out of my mom’s house, a huge step for me, and heartbreaking for my mom.

Work has been a rollercoaster of emotions; 1 minute I’m doing a phenomenal job and the next I’m being told how absolutely incompetent I am. I’ve had a lot on my plate work wise, which has resulted in me going into work very early some mornings, meaning I’ve been utterly and totally exhausted upon my arrival at home. Exhaustion added to mild laziness plus a hate of all domestication, leads to just a wee bit of friction between mommy and daddy.

Life has most certainly been trying and um, interesting. There are decisions in my past where, when I think back, I do sometimes wish I’d chosen differently, but then I wouldn’t have certain thing today that I do have. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about decisions, or rather the lack of decision making on my part… I have never been a big decision maker; I’m a follower more then a leader. This has served me well in my life, but too often, not so well.

But that, my friends, is a story for another day.

Do it like you mean it, ALWAYS.


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