Domestication… (Insert shocked face here)

So those who know me, know that I am not the most domesticated of people.  I iron what I need, eat a sarmie if I’m hungry, barely make my bed and laugh at a broom.  But now that the hubby, princess and I have our own ‘space’, someone’s gotta keep it clean and tidy…  Ummmm…

So the hubby has been fantastic in cooking supper every single night and I’ve been washing the dishes, something I am used to and don’t mind too much.  Yet I detest washing the princess’ bottles.  I have to bribe my husband with sexual favours (hahaha) to avoid washing and sterilising her bottles.  As hubby works from home a lot, he’s had a lot more time to unpack boxes and do the washing and do the cleaning etc.  But we said just before we moved into our own place, the Saturday’s would be our ‘clean-up’ day.  Do everything that needs to be done and have Sunday’s for ourselves to do what we pleased.

Yeah, ummm, not so much hey!

So last Saturday I was not well at all, and was couch bound for most of the day.  I had actually planned to try and complete the balance of the unpacking, and then sweep, mop, clean etc.  But that did not happen.  I apologised profusely to hubby, and he is luckily a very understanding man, and it wasn’t that bad.  But I made it clear to him that this Saturday I would be fully domesticated (someone help me now) and do my chores.

So up we get at 06h00 (yawn), as we wanted to start our day at the early morning market.  I was not a happy chicken, but did my bit and showered whilst hubby got the princess ready.  Off we went, me still half asleep and fully grumpy, and ended up having a lovely morning at the market, ended instantly by the princess’ cries of a wet nappy, and having nowhere to change her.

Once back at home, we managed to occupy the princess with a Barney dvd of all things, and by the time the dvd had finished for the SECOND time, I had accomplished the following :

Entire house swept
Entire house mopped
5 loads of washing hung up and brought in
5 loads of washing folded and put away
4 boxes unpacked

For a woman who is good at being domestic, but not good at the physical domestication (if you know what I mean) that is an accomplishment of note!  I am damn proud of myself – YAY ME!

But wait, next Saturday I have to do it all over again…  Oh boy.  Looks like domestication is going to become a daily part of my life….  MOMMY!!!!!!



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