Life, or something like it

So I haven’t blogged in a while.  A long while.  A lot has happened since my last blog.  Let’s see, where to begin.

So the hubby, princess and I have moved into our own place (finally), we celebrated being together for 8 years at the end of August.  It’s been an interesting 2 or so weeks, what with having to budget properly (eek!), trying to settle 3 dogs who have been barking mad, and me trying to become more, what’s the word, oh yes, do-mes-ti-cated… (I think that’s how it’s pronounced).

Don’t get me wrong;  I am a perfectionist, and when I start something I ensure that it’s done correctly.  It’s not that I’m not good at being domesticated, it’s that I’m not good at it, if you know what I mean…  I’m the sit-on-the-couch-and-be-lazy-and-relaxed kinda person, not get on my hands and knees and scrub and clean and wipe and sweep and mop…  I don’t mind the washing so much, as the machine has to do the physical washing of the clothes;  I just hang it up!  I must admit, that I don’t mind the ironing so much.  But please take note that I only iron what is required, when it is required…

It was also my amazing mom’s big 5.0 a few days ago.  Life has been a bit tough lately, what with us moving out, me ‘growing up’ as such, so I decided to treat her to a supper theatre evening.  Best thing the hubby and I could have thought of.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the evening, my mom did too.  It was a spectacular show, awesome food and my mom got a bit ‘tinkled’ as she put it.  Would quite happily do it all over again.

The latest bit of news in my life isn’t so happy or welcome.  Yet someone else that I love and hold dear in my heart was diagnosed today with the big C.  Why can’t cancer get cancer and just die already?  Listen, it’s not a death sentence as far as I’m concerned;  you can beat it with the right mindset and treatment, but seriously, enough is enough for this woman.  She is now the 3rd woman in my family to be affected by this disease;  the first 2 are no longer with us.  If I could take it away I would, believe me.

So happier things to discuss, is the planning of my princess’s 2nd birthday!  Will someone kindly explain to me where the hell the last 2 years have run away to, let along the last few months… It’s 3 months to Christmas!  Anyway, hubby and I have decided that this year it’ll be a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party – she loves Mickey Mouse, and I mean loves him!  She dances and now SINGS along to his songs on Disney Channel.  Aah, she is just becoming such an independently amazing little girl.  I didn’t know that I could love anyone as much as I love her.  She totally completes me, and her tight hugs and sloppy wet kisses are just such a privilege!

So remember, life happens, deal with it.  It’s not always about the destination;  sometimes the journey is more exciting and worthwhile.



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