Work, or something like it

I like my job.  In fact, I love my job.  I like the fact that my boss generally leaves me alone as long as my work is generally up to date (haha) and that he’s understanding when I need to leave early, come in late etc.  I just wish that there were 3 of me, because I honestly feel like I am never going to be up to date!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been going in early to work , like 02h00 early, as I find that I accomplish more in those wee hours of the morning, than if I was to stay late.  I have a hubby who is really understanding, and takes our daughter to creche, and understands when I phone him in a flat panic at 16h25 needing him to drop everything to fetch our daughter from creche, because my day hasn’t gone exactly as planned.  And I love those rare moments, when I do actually have nothing to do at work.  Like today, from 13h12 – 13h15.  But in all honesty, things are going well at the moment, and apart from being pretty much exhausted all of the time, things really are going ok.

I have this one customer, who is a job all on its own.  I work in production, but my boss has given me the account to handle, as it really is, one of THOSE accounts.  Almost everyday I have to deal with rejects, emergency drives to their factory, fighting with them to accept rejects, begging, pleading and almost on my knees regarding the rejected stock, and then once in a blue moon, things actually do go my way.  A day or 3 will go by where there are no rejections, all deliveries go smoothly, and my grey hairs recede just a little.  But then my phone starts ringing, and the screen says, PRIVATE NUMBER.

Oh ****.

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