Bumps and Bruises

So, 2 weekends ago my princess decided to spice up my weekend by tripping and falling head first into a flower pot.  That was fun.  NOT.  All parents have to do the rush to the ER sometime in their lives with / for their children, but I was really hoping to not have to do it so early in her young life – she’s only 21 months old.  After a mad dash to the doctor’s rooms, it was decided that even though she should have 1 little stitch, we didn’t want to traumatise her further, and he just put some of that ‘magic tape’ and a Minnie Mouse plaster.  Thank goodness, as I was about 1 more blood drop away from passing out onto the floor.  That would have been, um, embarrassing?!

We then decided to go away this weekend to the Drakensberg;  cold weather, cosy cottage, what could go wrong right?  *insert evil little (big) laugh here* I have attained maybe 5 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, due to the fact that the princess’ cold, went into a full blown, miserable flu, with gummy eyes, her nose doing the 100m sprint for gold, and a cough that would put a smoker to shame.  Oh wait, her ears had to get in on the action too!  So she’s back on medication – 2 x anti-biotics, 1 x eye ointment (try inserting THAT into your toddler’s irritated eye – FUN (NOT)), 2 x pain killers / fever breakers and inter flora of course.  This poor child just sat in her pram after supper, and took each syringe / spoon medicine without a peep or moan.  Needless to say her father is now wrestling with her to go to sleep – I love that that’s his thing – putting her to sleep.

So let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us;  hopefully a princess that is feeling 200% better, as there is nothing worse than a child in pain / miserable / sick, and a parent unable to do much / anything to help them.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless before – not a feeling I would like to repeat anytime soon.

Remember to dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening and to always watch where you’re walking…



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