Dear Gog’s

Dear Gog’s

It’s been 13 days since you left our world.  13 days of missing you more than I’ve ever missed anyone before.  13 days of catching myself tearing up, and 13 days of just sobbing.  We released your body today, and I sat at my desk thinking of you, smiling at our memories, remembering our phone conversations, remembering your gorgeous hugs.

I know that you’re at peace, you’re pain free and happy.  This is the one small comfort in my time of pain, although my pain is NOTHING compared to what you had so bravely endured over these last few months.  I have this hole in my heart, as you’ve taken a piece of my heart with you, as have so many others that have left this world too soon.  I don’t believe that this hole will ever heal, but I’ve glad for it, for I will always have a place for you in my heart, and in my memories.

I love you so very much Gog’s, and I miss you dearly.  I cannot even describe what I’m feeling right now.  I am being strong (I believe) but even though I appear strong on the outside, I’m breaking on the inside.

For fear of turning this into something morbid, I say good night, God bless, I love you.



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