But I don’t want to grow up…

Winnie the Pooh.  I think every child and adult knows who Winnie the Pooh is.

He is the cuddliest, kindest, bear-without-a-brain that is out there.  I decided early on in my pregnancy, that my child’s theme was going to be Winnie the Pooh, whether ‘it’ was a boy or a girl, because Winnie the Pooh is so loved by boys and girls of all ages.  But I must actually admit, my absolute favourite characters of the Winnie the Pooh series, are Tigger and Eeyore…

These two characters have always held a special place in my heart.  I love Eeyore’s pessimistic outlook on life, I think because it reflects my own outlook on life.  We’re scarily similary, apart fromt he fact the he’s a donkey with a pin on tail, and I’m a human being.  Tigger on the other hand, I love just because, well, he’s Tigger!  T-I-GG-ER!!!!!  “The wonderful thing about Tigger’s, is Tigger’s are wonderful things!  Their bums are made out of rubber;  their tails are made out of springs!  And the most wonderful thing about Tigger’s, is I’m the only one!  Growl!!!!”  I think it’s because he embraces the fact that he is the only one like him out there that I like.  He has embraced his uniqueness.

Imagine if we all had friends like Christopher Robin?

I think that I would be the happiest gal on the planet.  Friends always looking out for one another, always caring, always offering help and always doing silly, funny things together, never worrying about what tomorrow brings or the sadness that our world holds.

Yeah, I think I’d like to live in the Hundred Acre Wood someday;  I already have my house there in my imagination where I escape to at least once a day.

We don’t stop laughing because we get old;  we get old because we stop laughing.



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