I do believe in it.  Although I am still trying to figure out what I have done to deserve what happened to me on Friday night.

I’ve started waitressing in the evenings to make a bit of extra money.  Things have been going ok, not fantastic, but it was the build up to the weekend and the school holidays so it was to be expected.  Friday night was supposed to be my night that I made some decent money to warrant the trip to and from the restaurant.  So, not only was I caught in the mother of all traffic jams (1 hour to do 18km – grrrrrr… – Bye-bye petrol) I was given a relatively quiet section, but as it was my 3rd night, I didn’t mind too much.  So things were quietening down, we were starting to clean up and do our duties, and I had 3 tables left.  1 had paid their bill and was just sitting and relaxing, and the other 2 asked for their bills at the same time.  Do not ask me how it happened, as I cannot tell you, but I printed the same bill twice, and as luck would have it, it was the lesser of the 2 bills that I printed.  So the table that I gave the correct bill was all fine, but the other table, the dishonest dogs, took full advantage of my mistake, shoving R150.00 into the bill folder (I gave them a bill for R111 instead of R459) and practically threw the bill folder at me, even having the audacity to tell me to keep the change.  I did try and find them, running out the restaurant when I realised what had happened, but like that, they were gone.  So I had to wait around until 23h40 before I could finally go home as I had to wait for the Director of the restaurant to tell the manager what to do to close off the table, as I didn’t even make a 1/4 of what the bill came to.  So long story short, R459 will be deducted from my monthly wage at the end of July.  I just cannot believe the nerve of some people.  That bill has to be paid by someone, and guess what;  if the customer doesn’t pay, the waitron who served you is responsible.

I don’t think people realise how hard waitrons work for their money.  Yes, some waitrons are useless pieces of nothing, but I take pride in my work, no matter how menial.  It was such a demotivator, contacting the restaurant and asking for a part-time evening job.  I saw my daughter for about 2 whole hours last week, so today it was just her and I.  I’m surprised I’m not more tired – Monday 05h30 to 21h30, Tuesday 05h30 to 22h00, Wednesday 05h30 to 21h00, Thursday 05h30 to 16h30 (yay), Friday 05h30 to 23h40 and Saturday 07h30 to 17h30.  So yeah, I’m a little tired.

But I just have to look at the bigger picture;  I refuse to stay in this situation ie:  working 2 jobs for the rest of my life.  Things WILL get better, and I am the only one who can make sure that they do.

Chin up, stomach in, shoulders back, and keep marching.



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