Don’t you love that word?  Doesn’t it just express everything that you need it to?  Wow.  One little word.  Gatvol.

So that’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling for the last week.  I am now back to working 2 jobs, and even still I’m not making ends meet.  I’m being sued (thanks Nedbank) and my current employer promised me an increase and then just didn’t give it to me.  I have a little girl who I have seen for a total of about 2 hours this whole week, due to me working late at my day job, and then working evenings at my evening job.

But you know what?  When she wakes up, and sees me, the look of sheer happiness and excitement in her eyes at seeing me, just makes me forget (even if for a single second) how crappy things are at the moment.  She then launches herself into my arms, and buries her face in my neck, giving me the biggest hug a 20 month old can give.  Isn’t it just so amazing how one little girl can just make all the worries of the world just vanish.

So, I am off to wash her bottles and get her bag ready for creche tomorrow, and yes, it’s almost midnight.  Oh the life of a working mom!

And remember;  drive like you stole it…



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