The end of an era…

My darling Gogo

Thank-you.  Thank-you for all that you have taught me, and shared with me in my life.  Writing this letter to you, I think is the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

But being tough and carrying on is something that I’ve learnt from you;  being caring and sincere, polite and punctual (something daddy isn’t that good at!) and just being a good person.

Thank-you for being there for me when I needed you, and when I thought that I didn’t.  Thank-you for instilling in me the values and virtues that you were brought up with as these are what I shall pass onto your beautiful great-granddaughter.  Yes, I am sad (for want of a better word) that she has not met you, but she will and does know you;  she even says Gogo, and I’m still working on the Gog’s part.

I love you Gog’s, and I don’t believe that I’ve said that enough to you.  But you and I have always had that kind of relationship;  not emotionally verbal, but deep inside we know how much we love each other.

My greatest wish for you is peace and comfort.  I love you my Gogo and think of you daily.

Safe travels and all of the love in my heart to you.

Love always and forever


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