random acts of kindness – THANK-YOU

Today, I paid for my mom's cataract removal surgery. All thanks to donations received from loved ones, friends, family and complete strangers. All I can say, is thank-you. You have helped to save my mom's eyesight. We will be paying it forward with the funds leftover as we did raise more than we needed; I … Continue reading random acts of kindness – THANK-YOU

the fate of the furious {review}

Dame Helen Mirren is not one you would normally associate with a movie franchise such as The Fast and The Furious. But hot-damn! She nailed her role so perfectly as the mama bear in FF8, that even I was a little scared of her! Oops... Maybe you didn't know she was in it. Well now … Continue reading the fate of the furious {review}

i felt it

Today, I smiled. Well, about 5 minutes ago I smiled. Not one of those cheesy, Joker-type smiles, but a soft, gentle smile that I felt reach down to the tips of my toes, and then up to warm my heart. Nothing really significant has changed in our lives, my life. We're still struggling financially on … Continue reading i felt it

so apparently i’m determined

So, over the weekend my mom called me determined. I suppose I can be, not in everything I do, but most certainly in my latest endeavour. Because you see, I'm trying to save my mom's sight. I'm going to tell you a little story. When my mom Tracey Chananie was about 2 years old, she … Continue reading so apparently i’m determined

the little girl who lost her name {win}

For those that follow me on Facebook and twitter, you would have seen that I shared a link a few weeks back, to (what I believe is) the most amazing website, showcasing just a little bit of magic that this world so desperately needs. Lost My Name started up in 2012, and you can read … Continue reading the little girl who lost her name {win}